Dark Matter

It's Going to Take More Than Early Dark Energy to Resolve the Hubble Tension

Astronomers have measured the Universe's expansion rate and found that various methods don't agree, and their error bars don't overlap.…

3 weeks ago

Dark Matter Experiment Fails to Turn Up the Mysterious Particle, but Narrows its Hiding Places

So much in science is based on constraints. If scientists don't understand something, they try to constrain it as much…

2 months ago

Have We Seen the First Glimpse of Supermassive Dark Stars?

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) examines what are known as dark…

2 months ago

A Massive Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter

Astronomers have found a massive galaxy that contains little to no Dark Matter, something that doesn't fit with current cosmological…

2 months ago

ESA's Euclid Mission is Off to Explore the Dark Universe

The Euclid space telescope, the ESA's next-generation astrophysics mission, was successfully launched to space!

3 months ago

Next Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors Could Pin Down Dark Matter

Gravitational astronomy is a relatively new discipline that has opened many doors for astronomers to understand how the huge and…

3 months ago

Dark Matter Might Interact in a Totally Unexpected Way With the Universe

A new theory of Dark Matter suggests that it interact with normal matter in a non-localized way, potentially revolutionizing our…

3 months ago

Nancy Grace Roman Could Detect Supermassive Dark Stars

Dark stars are hypothetical objects that might have been present in the early Universe before the first stars and even…

3 months ago

Exactly How Massive is the Milky Way?

What is the mass of the Milky Way? What do you get if you add up all the stars, gas,…

4 months ago

Dark Matter Can Make Dark Atoms

A team of theoretical astrophysicists have studied in detail a hypothetical form of dark matter that combines to form dark…

5 months ago