Webb is Cool, but it Still Needs to get Cooler

Cooling things down in space is trickier than it might sound.  But that is exactly the process the James Webb…

2 years ago

Could Astronauts Hibernate on Long Space Voyages?

The ESA is investigating hibernation technology that could allow astronauts to remain healthy during long-duration missions to Mars and beyond

2 years ago

NASA Announces 14 New “Tipping Point” Technologies for its Lunar Exploration

NASA recently awarded contracts to fourteen companies to develop technologies that will help them return to the Moon, and stay…

4 years ago

Pros and Cons of Various Methods of Interstellar Travel

A new study by a UK scientists takes a look at the different means of interstellar travel, and considers the…

6 years ago

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

We know trips in space will take a long time. Can we go to sleep for the journey and then…

7 years ago

Who Discovered Helium?

In addition to its many commercial and scientific uses, helium is one of the most plentiful elements in our universe,…

8 years ago

NASA Investigating Deep-Space Hibernation Technology

Manned missions to deep space present numerous challenges. In addition to the sheer amount of food, water and air necessary…

10 years ago

NASA Tanks: Not Just Heavy Metal Any More

NASA's future in fuels will see less heavy metal. Literally. The agency just finished testing on a composite propellant tank…

11 years ago