comet science

Comet A1 Leonard Brightens in December

Now is the time to start tracking Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard, as it starts its dawn dive sunward.

3 years ago

Tales of a ‘Drunken Comet’- Astronomers Detect Alcohol Leaking From 46P/Wirtanen into Space

A close pass of Comet Wirtanen in 2018, offered researchers an unprecedented opportunity.

3 years ago

Comet Craziness: 252P LINEAR Brightens, and a Close Pass for BA14 PanSTARRS

This week presents observational astronomers with two surprise treats, as Comet 252P/LINEAR brightens and heads north, and the second closest…

8 years ago

Comet A1 Siding Spring vs Mars: Views in Space and Time

Oh, to be a stranded astronaut on the surface of the planet Mars this week.  There’s a great scene from…

10 years ago