China's Chang'e-8 Mission Will Try to Make Bricks on the Moon

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has put out a call for international and industry partners to contribute science payloads…

2 months ago

Gaia is so Accurate it Can Predict Microlensing Events

Using data from DR3, a team of Chinese researchers have predicted thousands of future microlensing events!

5 months ago

China Wants to Retrieve a Sample of Mars by 2028

In preparation for their sample-return mission to Mars (Tianwen-3), Chinese scientists have created an atmospheric model that accurately simulates Martian…

5 months ago

Chinese Scientists Complete a Concept Study for a 6-Meter Space Telescope to Find Habitable Exoplanets

With JWST safely in space, researchers are designing the next generation of space telescope that could Earth-sized worlds orbiting sunlike…

9 months ago

China Finally Tells us What's Going on With its Mars Rover

The Zhurong Rover has sat unmoving and unresponsive on Mars since May 20th, 2022, when one of the planet’s infamous…

12 months ago

What’s Next for China’s Lunar Exploration Plans?

China is starting to become a force in space exploration. Its main focal point of lunar exploration has started bearing…

1 year ago

China’s Zhurong Rover Looks Deep Underground and Sees Layers From Multiple Floods on Mars

Mars exploration has been ongoing for decades at this point, and some regions of the planet have become more interesting…

2 years ago

New Pics of Phobos From China’s Tianwen-1 Orbiter

Two fundamental factors affect all astrophotography - timing and location. If a camera happens to be at the right place…

2 years ago

China has a new Human Lunar Space Program, With Plans for Landers, Orbiters, Rovers, and a Lunar Base

In a recent interview, an engineer associated with the Chinese space agency confirmed that China has established a Crewed Lunar…

2 years ago

China is Building an Asteroid Deflection Mission of its own, due for Launch in 2025

There's an old joke that the dinosaurs are only extinct because they didn't develop a space agency. The implication, of…

2 years ago