Chinese Astronauts May Build a Base Inside a Lunar Lava Tube

Caves were some of humanity's first shelters. Who knows what our distant ancestors were thinking as they sought refuge there,…

4 days ago

China Reveals Its Lunar Lander Design

China has released artist renditions of the spacecraft and lander module that will send the first taikonauts to the Moon.

3 weeks ago

China Will Use Two Rockets to Put Humans on the Moon

At a recent summit, China revealed new details about its first crewed lunar mission scheduled for 2030, including schematics, graphics,…

2 months ago

China Has Begun Launching its Own Satellite Internet Network

China just launched the first in a series of broadband internet satellites, which could lead to another mega-constellation.

3 months ago

Mars Lacks a Planet-Wide Magnetosphere, but it Does Have Pockets of Magnetism

China's Zhurong rover measured the magnetic environment on Mars, which is helping scientists narrow down when its global magnetic field…

3 months ago

China is Trying to Stop its Boosters From Randomly Crashing Into Villages

China has developed a new parachute system that they hope will help prevent uncontrolled reentries and crashes.

4 months ago

China is Planning to Have Humans on the Moon by 2030

As NASA prepares to return astronauts to the Moon with Artemis III, China is ramping up its efforts for a…

4 months ago

China’s Rover Found Evidence of an Ancient Ocean on Mars

In a recent study published in National Science Review, a team of researchers led by the China University of Geosciences…

4 months ago

Glass Fibers in Lunar Regolith Could Help Build Structures on the Moon

After analyzing the samples returned by Chang'e-5, a team of Chinese scientists found glass fibers that could be used to…

5 months ago

China Has its Own Secret Space Plane, and it Just Landed

China's mysterious experimental spaceplane (Shenlong) just returned to Earth after spending 276 days in orbit.

5 months ago