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china national space administration

The Impact Site of China’s Longjiang-2 Spacecraft has Been Found on the Moon

Thanks to an amateur tracker, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team found the lunar impact site of China's Longjiang-2 satellite.

2 months ago

China’s Tiangong 2 was Destroyed Last Week, Burning up in the Atmosphere Over the South Pacific Ocean

China recently successfully conducted a controlled deorbit of its second orbital laboratory, Tiangong-2.

6 months ago

I Didn’t Realize the Scale of Their Rocket Program. China is Planning More than 40 Space Launches in 2018

The Chinese National Space Administration is going to have a busy year, with more than 40 launches to space scheduled…

2 years ago

China Plans To Open Doors To Foreign Astronauts: Report

China's human spaceflight program may soon be opening the door to foreign astronauts. The Asian nation has so far been…

6 years ago