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China's Relay Satellite is in Lunar Orbit

On March 20th, China's Queqiao-2 ("Magpie Bridge-2") satellite launched from the Wenchang Space Launch Site LC-2 on the island of…

4 months ago

Gaia is so Accurate it Can Predict Microlensing Events

Using data from DR3, a team of Chinese researchers have predicted thousands of future microlensing events!

8 months ago

China Wants to Retrieve a Sample of Mars by 2028

In preparation for their sample-return mission to Mars (Tianwen-3), Chinese scientists have created an atmospheric model that accurately simulates Martian…

8 months ago

China’s Chang’e-7 Will Deploy a Hopper that Jumps into a Crater in Search of Water Ice

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese National Space Administration recently published a study in the journal…

12 months ago

China’s Rover Found Evidence of an Ancient Ocean on Mars

In a recent study published in National Science Review, a team of researchers led by the China University of Geosciences…

1 year ago

China is Planning to Land Humans on the Moon by 2030 as Part of its Ambitious Lunar Agenda

Weiren Wu, the Chief Designer of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP), recently announced an ambitious plan to put Chinese…

1 year ago

Look out, Starship! China is Building a Massive Reusable Rocket!

China just showed off the massive storage tank that will be part of the super-heavy launch vehicle, the Long March…

1 year ago

China’s Tianwen-1 has Imaged the Entire Surface of Mars, Completing its Primary Mission

After exploring Mars for more than a year, China’s Tianwen-1 space probe has successfully taken images covering the entire Red…

2 years ago

China’s First Space Station Crew is Back From Orbit

The crew of China's Tiangong space station returned to Earth, having set a new record for the longest Chinese crewed…

3 years ago

Zhurong Finds its Own Parachute on the Surface of Mars

As of July 23, 2021, China's Mars rover Zhurong has traveled 585 meters across the surface of Mars. And along…

3 years ago