Chandra X-ray Observatory

Black Holes are Firing Beams of Particles, Changing Targets Over Time

Black holes seem to provide endless fascination to astronomers. This is at least partly due to the extreme physics that…

4 days ago

NASA is Planning to Shut Down One of the Great Observatories to Save Money

The US Government budget announcement in March left NASA with two billion dollars less than it asked for. The weeks…

2 months ago

JWST and Chandra Team Up for a Stunning View of Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A

NASA's long-lived Chandra X-ray Observatory teamed up with JWST for the first time, producing this incredibly detailed image of the…

5 months ago

Multiple Supernova Remnants Merging in a Distant Nebula

The 30 Dor B star-forming region is one of the most dramatic places in the Universe. It is located in…

5 months ago

Spider Pulsars are Tearing Apart Stars in the Omega Cluster

Pulsars are extreme objects. They're what's left over when a massive star collapses on itself and explodes as a supernova.…

6 months ago

Hubble Sees a Mysterious Flash in Between Galaxies

Hubble and other observatories worldwide have witnessed a Luminous Fast Blue Optical event between two galaxies.

8 months ago

What Caused Eta Carinae’s 1840 “Great Eruption?”

n 1840, a seemingly innocuous star, Eta Carinae, suddenly brightened to become one of the brightest stars in the sky…

8 months ago

A Collection of New Images Reveal X-Rays Across the Universe

One of the miracles of modern astronomy is the ability to ‘see’ wavelengths of light that human eyes can’t. Last…

8 months ago

Chandra and JWST Join Forces in a Stunning Series of Images

NASA scientists have combined data from the James Webb and Chandra observatories to create stunning series of images.

1 year ago

The Crab Nebula Looks Completely Different in X-Rays, Revealing its Magnetic Fields

An international team of astronomers has created the most accurate map to date of the Crab Nebula's magnetic field, revealing…

1 year ago