black moon

Boo! A Halloween Blue Moon

The final ‘Blue Moon’ of the decade rounds out October 2020.

4 years ago

Boo! A Black Moon Halloween Weekend

This Halloween weekend's top astronomical event features something that you won't see in the sky: a Black Moon.

8 years ago

April Lunacy: Getting Ready for the Full ‘Mini-Moon’

Why this week's Full Moon is the smallest of 2016. It's Mini-Moon season!

8 years ago

The Mini-Moon Cometh: Catch the Smallest Full Moon of 2015 This Thursday

Supermoons. Blood Moons. Moons both Black and Blue… by now, you’d think that there was nothing new under the Sun…

9 years ago

Astrophotos: The February 2015 ‘Black’ Moon

As our David Dickinson noted in his recent article, a new term is "creeping into the popular astronomical vernacular: that…

9 years ago

Black Moon: Why the New Moon on February 18th is Special

Did you hear the one about last month’s ‘supermoon?’ Yeah, we know. The hype was actually for an event that…

9 years ago