Big Bang Cosmology

Warm Carbon Increased Suddenly in the Early Universe. Made by the First Stars?

New research shows that carbon was more abundant in the early Universe than previously thought, a find that could have…

7 days ago

The Record for the Farthest Galaxy just got Broken Again, now just 250 million years after the Big Bang

In a recent study submitted to MNRAS, a collaborative research team has utilized the first set of data from the…

8 months ago

These Galaxies are Definitely Living in a Simulation

Studying the universe is hard. Really hard. Like insanely, ridiculously hard. Think of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in…

10 months ago

A New Record for the Most Distant Galaxy, Seen Just 300 Million Years After the Big Bang

An international team of astronomers have discovered HD1, which could be the most distant galaxy ever observed!

12 months ago

Life Could be Common Across the Universe, Just Not in Our Region

The building blocks of life can, and did, spontaneously assemble under the right conditions. That's called spontaneous generation, or abiogenesis.…

3 years ago