baryon oscillation spectroscopic survey

Another New Way to Measure Distance in the Universe: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations

A team of astronomers have developed a new technique that relies on Baryon Acoustic Oscillations to measure cosmic distances.

3 months ago

11-Sigma Detection of Dark Energy Comes From Measuring Over a Million Extremely Distant Galaxies

A new study confirms the existence of dark energy with stunning accuracy.

3 years ago

A New Test Confirms Dark Energy and the Expansion of the Universe

Our measurements of dark energy give contradictory results. A new study confirms dark energy, but suggests it is more strange…

3 years ago

Dark Energy Illuminated By Largest Galactic Map Ten Years In The Making

After a decade of research, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey has released the most detailed 3D map of the Universe…

7 years ago

Quasars Tell The Story Of How Fast The Young Universe Expanded

For those who saw the Cosmos episode on William Herschel describing telescopes as time machines, here is a clear example…

10 years ago