axial tilt

It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Tilted Planets

Chinese and Indian astronomers were the first to measure Earth's axial tilt accurately, and they did it about 3,000 years…

5 months ago

Melting Water in Mars’ Past Could Have Created Martian Gullies

A recent study published in Science examines how thin channels inside impact craters on Mars could have formed from Martian…

10 months ago

New Climate Model Accurately Predicts Millions of Years of Ice Ages

New research by a team of Japanese climatologists and an astronomer shows how astronomical forces have caused major changes in…

11 months ago

How Long is a Day on Venus? We Finally Know the Exact Answer

Using the radio-echo timing technique, a team of researchers have precisely measured the length of a day on Venus

3 years ago

Mars has Been Through Many Ice Ages in the Last Billion Years

Like Earth, Mars has experienced periods of extreme glaciation or ice sheet coverage, which are known as ice ages. As…

3 years ago

New Insights Into What Might Have Smashed Uranus Over Onto its Side

A new study by a team of NASA-supported researchers has shown how a giant impact could explain all of Uranus'…

6 years ago

Why is Uranus on its Side?

The Earth’s tilt is nothing compared to Uranus, which has been flipped right over on its side. What could have…

8 years ago

How Far is Mars from the Sun?

Mars is not only further from the Sun than Earth, but has an eccentric orbit that leads to a great…

8 years ago

How Long Does it Take Mars to Orbit the Sun?

The planet Mars has a highly eccentric orbit around the Sun, and takes a little under two years for it…

8 years ago

What is the Average Surface Temperature of the Planets in our Solar System?

It's is no secret that Earth is the only inhabited planet in our Solar System. All the planets besides Earth…

9 years ago