Astro Art of the Week: Space Travelers

Astro-photo creation by Laura Gardiner.

Here’s the second installment of our new feature, showcasing our readers’ prowess with image editing software. This week’s Astro Art of the Week was submitted by Laura Gardiner from Tucson, Arizona USA. This seemed to be a perfect image to use, as during Apollo 11 festivities on Monday, astronauts repeatedly talked about inspiring the next generation of space explorers. This is a collage Laura created several months ago with Photoshop, using several PS brushes downloaded from, along with a photo of her daughter and nephew. “I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments about it,” she said. “I was new to Photoshop then, but I’ve been having fun learning new things. I probably would have done some things differently now, but all in all I think it turned out pretty neat. It was an experiment because I was fascinated by the idea of Photoshop’s “brushes,” so that’s where the stars/galaxies/etc. came from. I didn’t have any particular picture or project in mind when I made it…it just sort of came together after several hours of fooling around with stuff.”

In case you missed the news last week, “Astro ‘Shop” is a new feature on Universe Today where readers can submit astronomical images they have messed around with using image editing software. Interested in submitting? A few rules: the images submitted must be space or astronomy related and they must be in good taste. The images can be submitted to Nancy here. Also, we’re still contemplating a good title for this feature. We’ve tried “Astro ‘Shop of the Week,” (as in ‘Photoshop’) and now “Astro Art of the Week.” If you have any suggestions for a good title, post it in the comment section. Thanks!