Artificial Intelligence

A Machine-Learning Algorithm Just Found 301 Additional Planets in Kepler Data

Using a new type of deep-learning algorithm, a team of NASA scientists have detected 301 more exoplanets in the Kepler…

10 months ago

NASA’s Perseverance Rover: The Most Ambitious Space Mission Ever?

When it comes to Mars exploration, NASA has more success than any other agency. This week, they'll attempt to land…

2 years ago

Machine Learning Software is Now Doing the Exhausting Task of Counting Craters On Mars

Does the life of an astronomer or planetary scientists seem exciting? Sitting in an observatory, sipping warm cocoa, with high-tech…

2 years ago

AI Upscales Apollo Lunar Footage to 60 FPS

As exciting and thrilling as it is to watch all the historic footage from the Apollo Moon landings, you have…

2 years ago

Rovers Will be Starting to Make Their Own Decisions About Where to Search for Life

We all know how exploration by rover works. The rover is directed to a location and told to take a…

2 years ago

NASA Tests Water Powered Spacecraft in Orbit

Picture two tissue box-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth. Then picture them communicating, and using a water-powered thruster to approach each other.…

3 years ago

Scientists are Using Artificial Intelligence to See Inside Stars Using Sound Waves

How in the world could you possibly look inside a star? You could break out the scalpels and other tools…

4 years ago

Astronaut Scott Tingle Was Able To Control A Ground-Based Robot… From Space.

The ESA is working on artificially intelligent robots that could be controlled from a distance by astronauts. The pair could…

5 years ago

An Artificial Intelligence Just Found 56 New Gravitational Lenses

A team of European astronomers recently conducted the first use of AI to identify 56 new gravitational lenses from a…

5 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – January 27, 2017: Kimberly Cartier & Exoplanet WASP 103b

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Kimberly Cartier ( / @AstroKimCartier ) (more…)

6 years ago