A Pulsar is Blasting out Jets of Matter and Antimatter

Why is there so much antimatter in the Universe? Ordinary matter is far more plentiful than antimatter, but scientists keep…

5 months ago

Halo Around a Pulsar could Explain Why We See Antimatter Coming from Space

Astronomers have been watching a nearby pulsar with a strange halo around it. That pulsar might answer a question that's…

3 years ago

Antimatter Behaves Exactly the Same as Regular Matter in Double Slit Experiments

An experiment recently conducted by the QUPLAS collaboration confirmed the dual, particle-wave nature of antimatter.

3 years ago

Every Time Lightning Strikes, Matter-Antimatter Annihilation Happens too

A new study from a team of Japanese researchers has shown that matter-antimatter annihilations happen as a result of lightning…

5 years ago

Spectrum of Antimatter Observed for First Time

A new study by CERN researchers has led to the first spectral information of antimatter ever, giving further confirmation to…

6 years ago

Are There Antimatter Galaxies?

One of the big mysteries in astronomy is what happened to all the antimatter? Is it possible that it’s actually…

6 years ago

What if a Black Hole Met an Antimatter Black Hole?

Would shooting a black hole into an antimatter black hole destroy them both? (more…)

7 years ago

Is There a Mirror Universe?

Could there be a mirror universe, where everything is backwards - and everybody has goatees? How badly do you need…

7 years ago

Could the Death Star Destroy a Planet?

In the movie Star Wars, the Darth Vader's Death Star destroyed a planet. Could this really happen? You've watched Star…

7 years ago

Where’s All The Antimatter?

One of the biggest mysteries in the Universe is the fact there there's matter, and not antimatter. Where did it…

8 years ago