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Meteorite Confirms 2 Billion Years of Volcanic Activity on Mars

A Martian meteorite that landed in Africa in 2012 has confirmed that Martian volcanic activity lasted 3 billion years or…

3 years ago

Mars Curiosity Rolls Up to Potential New Meteorite

NASA's Curiosity Rover is turning into an able meteorite hunter with a shiny new find just this past week.

3 years ago

Why Does Siberia Get All the Cool Meteors? Children ice skating in Khakassia, Russia react to the fall of a bright fireball two nights ago on Dec.6…

3 years ago

Monster Meteorite Found in Texas

Meet the largest single chondrite in Texas.

3 years ago

Watch Asteroid 2016 VA Pass Through Earth’s Shadow

Holy low-flying space rocks, Batman. Newly discovered asteroid 2016 VA snuck up on us last night, and crossed through the…

3 years ago

The Moon Is Getting Slammed Way More Than We Thought

A new study of the current rate of meteoroid impacts on the Moon suggests that those iconic astronaut boot prints…

3 years ago

Exclusive Photos Of The Recently Found 30-Ton Argentine Meteorite

A gigantic piece of the famous Campo del Cielo meteorite fall that was found on September 10, 2016 has been…

3 years ago

30-Ton Chunk Of 4,500 Year-Old Meteorite Unearthed In Argentina

Holy iron meteorite, Batman! A gigantic 30-ton chunk of the famous Campo del Cielo meteorite fall has been found outside…

3 years ago

470 Million Year Old Meteorite Discovered In Swedish Quarry

A fossilized meteorite from a quarry in Sweden is a new type of space rock that's different from other meteors.

4 years ago