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Celestial Photobomb: Rare Occultation of Mercury by the Moon Set for Next Week

Catch a rare conjunction of Mercury with the Moon next week, and an occultation for a very privileged few.

3 years ago

Images of Today’s Transit of Mercury From Around the World

Amazing reader images of today's transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun from around the world.

4 years ago

Give Mom the Aurora Tonight / Mercury Transit Update

A review of last night's spectacular aurora along with a look at tonight's space weather forecast plus a recap of…

4 years ago

How Do We Terraform Mercury?

Mercury is a hot and hostile planet, but it has many things going for it that make it an attractive…

4 years ago

How to Safely Watch Mercury Transit the Sun on May 9

On Monday, May 9 Mercury will make one of its relatively rare transits of the Sun. Get ready for the…

4 years ago

Prelude to Transit: Catching Mercury Under Dusk Skies

One of the best dusk apparitions of the planet Mercury occurs this weekend... this event also sets us up for…

4 years ago

Dark Stains on Mercury Reveal Its Ancient Crust

Ever since the MESSENGER spacecraft entered orbit around Mercury in 2011, and indeed even since Mariner 10's flyby in 1974, peculiar…

4 years ago

How Many Moons Does Mercury Have?

The planet Mercury has no moons, but why is that the case? The reason is due to a combination of…

4 years ago

MESSENGER Spies a Meteor Shower… on Mercury

Leonid meteor storms. Taurid meteor swarms. Earth is no stranger to meteor showers, that’s for sure. Now, it turns out…

4 years ago

Tricks to Remember the Planets

Need an easy way to remember the order of the planets in our Solar System? The technique used most often…

4 years ago