New Perseverance Rock Samples Were Altered by Water. They'll be Coming Back to Earth in the Sample Return Mission

The Perseverance rover has collected the first samples that will be returned to Earth, which could provide the first evidence…

4 weeks ago

This Ice Cliff is One of the Few Places With Exposed Water ice in the Mid-Latitudes on Mars. It’s Probably Tens of Millions of Years old

Because of the orbiters and landers that have studied Mars over the years, scientists have learned that water ice is…

1 month ago

Want to Live on Mars? Here's Where the Water is

By combining data from the Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a team of researchers has produced a map of…

1 month ago

How Weak Will Astronauts Feel When They First set Foot on Mars After Months in Space?

A new mathematical model can simulate if astronauts will be operate in Martian gravity after months of flying through space.

1 month ago

Were Phobos and Deimos Once a Single Martian Moon That Split up? Not Likely, says New Study

A new study has cast doubt on the theory that Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos were once a single moon…

1 month ago

Mars and Moon Dust can be Turned Into Geopolymer Cement. Good Enough for Landing Pads and Other Structures

Materials science has long taken the lead in space exploration research, and it seems to have been getting even more…

1 month ago

A new way to Make Oxygen on Mars: Using Plasma

There's more than one way to produce oxygen on Mars. Or at least there is now. After the success of…

1 month ago

Cyanobacteria Will be our Best Partner for Living on Mars

An international team of researchers has found a strain of cyanobacteria that could produce biomass on Mars and grow food…

1 month ago

Perseverance has Found a ‘Cat Hair’ in its Drill Chuck. What is it?

After each use of one of the tools at the end of the Perseverance rover’s arm, the mission’s engineering team…

2 months ago

It’s Been 10 Years Since Curiosity Landed on Mars, and the Rover is Still Going Strong

For a spacecraft that's traveled millions of kilometers across space and driven on the surface of Mars, Curiosity is holding…

2 months ago