Space Generations: Gene Cernan Talks with ISS Crew

It was a feel-good moment in NASA’s Mission Control in Houston: Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan dialed up the International Space Station crew to chat. There was banter back and forth about how Cernan was part of the generation that inspired the current ISS crew, and how the ISS crews are inspiring the next generation.

“You are now the shoulders for the kids to stand upon,” Cernan told ISS commander Kevin Ford. Cernan, who has expressed dismay at NASA’s current path, said he was mightily impressed with what the ISS crews are doing. “I’m envious,” he said. “I wish I could be up there with you. You guys are doing one heckuva great job. You have a big legacy to build upon and from where you leave off we’re gonna get these kids down here excited about pressing on and going even further… I’m personally proud.”