Win a Copy of Astronaut Jerry Ross’s Book “Spacewalker”

Astronaut Jerry Ross has written a new book about his experiences with NASA, “Spacewalker: My Journey in Space and Faith as NASA’s Record-Setting Frequent Flyer.” The book is written in a very personal style, giving the reader the impression that despite all his off-world experiences, Ross is an extremely down-to Earth person. “That was my goal,” Ross told Universe Today in an interview. “I wanted to share my experiences of what it was like to suit up to go out on a spacewalk – what that was like — and also help people understand what it is like to be an astronaut, that we do more regular work most of the time and only get to fly in space once in a while.”

“Spacewalker” provides inside account of the U.S. space shuttle program, from before its launch through the final landing, and the building of the International Space Station. Ross gives a firsthand account of life in space from the first human to fly seven missions, and he also discusses his feelings about the future of NASA and space exploration.

The book was published by Ross’ alma mater, Purdue University Press, and thanks to them Universe Today has ten copies of this new book to give away!

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Find out more information about this new book in the video below (note that digital versions of the book come with additional features such as personal video shot by Ross). Also, check out Purdue University Press and Amazon, and Jerry Ross’ website.

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  1. I’m getting to hear him give a presentation at the Space Exploration Educator’s Conference next weekend. Very excited!

  2. is the giveaway link working properly? I haven’t received a confirmation to click in order to confirm my participation.

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