Watch: Ultimate Mars Challenge

The PBS special “Ultimate Mars Challenge” that aired this week in the US is now available on YouTube. The production crew did a great job capturing the challenges of putting this mission together, and included scenes from building and testing the rover here on Earth to the nail-biting landing to even including some of the most recent images and discoveries from the mission.

Note: if the video above doesn’t play in your country, try going to the PBS NOVA website and watching it there. You can read more information about the episode here. As we mentioned previously, some of the mosaics and panoramas put together by Universe Today writer Ken Kremer, along with his imaging team partner Marco Di Lorenzo, were used in the PBS show. Congrats to Ken and Marco! Below is one of their images that was used:

Curiosity looks back to her rover tracks and the foothills of Mount Sharp and the eroded rim of Gale Crater in the distant horizon on Sol 24 (Aug. 30, 2012). This panorama is featured on PBS NOVA Ultimate Mars Challenge’ documentary premiering on Nov. 14. The colorized mosaic was stitched together from Navcam images. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Ken Kremer / Marco Di Lorenzo

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  2. This is a ‘must see’ show for anybody with even a casual interest in space exploration! Of course, I was hoping to hear some ‘earth shattering’ news about life on Mars… maybe soon?

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