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Endeavour’s 2-Day Drive Through LA in Less Than 3 Minutes

Here’s a fantastic timelapse compilation of space shuttle Endeavour’s big drive through the streets of Los Angeles. Photographer/cinematographer Matthew Givot and his team followed the shuttle during the 2-day ‘endeavor’ — a drive that included photo-ops of the shuttle driving past several well-known L.A. landmarks. There were also some tight squeezes and ‘back-up-and-start-over’ turns and corners. Driving a space shuttle through a metropolis like LA is a little more complicated than initially thought, as the trip took 17 hours longer than originally planned. But it’s obvious from the reactions of the crowds and the look on people’s faces that Endeavour will be well-loved in her new home.

Mission 26 The Big Endeavour from Givot on Vimeo.

Below is another video of the move from NASA:

If you want to see more of the move, Robert Pearlman from has a gallery of over 150 images of the drive, and NASA’s Flickr page has a huge collection, too. Here’s a great one from Robert:

Space shuttle Endeavour drives by the iconic Randy’s Donuts in LA. Credit: Robert Pearlman,

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