Remember: You Can Always Remove the Ads from Universe Today

I’ve had a few people complain to me about inappropriate and obnoxious ads on Universe Today, so I just wanted to remind everyone that’s it’s quick and easy to remove all the advertising on Universe Today – forever. For a one-time donation of any amount, no matter how small, I’ll switch you over to a member account where you don’t see any ads on the website, forever.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Member of Universe Today

For all of you who have already donated, thank you very much. Your donations have demonstrated how important space news is to you, and how much you appreciate all things we’ve been doing to keep you informed about what’s going on… out there.

I’m really happy with this compromise. I know that there are lots of services that want to ding you a couple of bucks a month, and it starts to wear you down after a while, so I really like this idea of a one-time donation.

I’d also love to explore some further ideas on how we can give even more value to the people who decide to become members, so you’ve got some ideas, I’d love to hear them. Super secret member hangouts, giveaways? I’m open to any cool ideas.

The content on Universe Today will always remain free and accessible to all, however.

So, if you want to remove the ads, and show your support for Universe Today, click here.

Thanks for your support!

Fraser Cain
Publisher, Universe Today

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