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Want to show your support for Universe Today, and improve your experience on the site? Become a member! For a one-time donation, you’ll become a member of Universe Today, helping to underwrite the space journalism we’ve been bringing you since 1999. And as a special thanks, we’ll remove all the advertising, so you’ll see a completely clean, uncluttered view of the website. You’ll get your news faster, without all those distracting ads.

And you’ll help us expand our team of journalists and report the news for you.

P.S. No donation is necessary for schools, kids shouldn’t see ads.

What Does Membership Get You?
As a member you’ll get:

  • No ads anywhere on the site.
  • No ads in the daily email newsletter.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing directly to the best space-journalist team on the internet

The only way we can keep Universe Today running is through advertising. Without the ads, we’d shut down the site. But we know that many of you would be perfectly happy to pitch in to help us keep covering stories. We could run the site completely on donation too, but honestly, advertising is the model that makes the most sense to cover our expenses.

As I think of new ideas to sweeten the pot, like giveaways, member meetups, and special offers, we’ll release them to members.

How Long Does the Membership Last?

It’s a lifetime membership. One donation, and you’re set for life – never see another ad on Universe Today. With advances in robots and computer technology, you might be able to live until the end of the Universe, so that’s a great deal.

What If You Don’t Donate?

I’m not planning to create some kind of paywall; non-members will always be able to read any article in the site. There won’t be a culture of have and have-nots, of space and space-nots. There’ll just be the advertisees and the non-advertisees.

Oh, and you’ll probably never learn the secret space handshake (if anyone wants to invent a space handshake, I’d be grateful).

How Much Should You Donate?

As much, or as little as you like. As much as the value you think you’re going to get from Universe Today over the rest of your natural life (and also in your life-extended robot body).

Ready to Donate?

1. Register a free account on Universe Today. You might already have one.

2. Choose a form of donation:


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Drop me an email, I’ll let you know my address.

Again, this isn’t necessary for schools. Just drop me an email with your login and I’ll remove the ads for you.

3. Email me and let me know your Universe Today username and I’ll switch you over to a member account.

13 Replies to “Remove All Ads from Universe Today”

  1. Been a long time reader, don’t really mind the ads but I won’t pass up a chance to give you guys something back.

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  2. ditto on wards comment,a contribution will be coming soon thank to u ,pamela and so many for Your contribution to space sciences.happy eclipse from tucson,arizina.

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  4. you guys just now started putting ads in between the articles, so ya…. what a great way to scam, us “lets put ads on the site then charge them for us to take the ads off” yea good luck.

    1. The ads have been around forever… though they have been re-arranged from time to time.

      But yes, I fully expect this comment thread to attract the highest levels of trolling and whinging.

      Meanwhile I’ll be donating – in fact I’ve been hoping for a long while that the UT would do just this!

      1. I don’t think there’ll be a lot of whining. I’d be interested to see if Richard takes me up on my offer and values the site at $.01.

        I do re-arrange ads all the time. I’m always looking to fine-tune things and get that balance between revenue and annoyance.

        Now that I have a way that the annoyed can opt out of ads for any price they like, I can crank up the annoyance. 😉

    1. I don’t think an ongoing membership really works – that’s the kind of thing I’d do if there was a paywall. But I don’t like paywalls, so, this was the compromise I could think of.

  5. Happy to put my paypal payment where my interest lies. Keep up the great work!

  6. I like this a lot. Thank you! The only complaint I have ever had about this site had to do with the recommend pop up. I really like the work you do. I can never get enough clear science news/info.

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