Astrophoto: Milky Way from Onizuka Astronomy Center, Hawaii

Here’s a great view of the Milky Way from the Onizuka Astronomy Center on the Big Island of Hawaii by astronomical artist Fahad Sulehria. To reach the summit of Mauna Kea, where some of the biggest telescopes on Earth reside, visitors must stop at the Onizuka Center for acclimating to the high altitude. The summit is about 4,200 meters (13,796 feet), and the Onizuka Center is located about 2,740 meters (9,000 feet) above sea level. “The sky is much clearer and less polluted than most places on Earth, making it an ideal place to do stargazing,” writes Sulehria. “In the background you see a red glow, which comes from the Halema’uma’u crater of the famous Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii.”

Equipment: Canon 550D with 28-200 mm lens. Exposure: 31s @ ISO 1600/F3.5.

See more of Sulehria’s work at his website, Nova Celestia

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