More Entertaining Curiosity Landing Videos

Where were you when Curiosity landed on Mars? If you were part of one the many “landing parties” held in various places around the world, you know what a thrilling experience it was to share the event with others. This video show the reactions from not only JPL’s mission control, but of other places where people had gathered to witness this historic event.

Below is a more light-hearted look at Curiosity and the landing, a parody of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I know It”, except this is “We’re NASA and We Know It:”

“In honor of Curiosity’s touchdown, we made a video spoofing life in the NASA control room,” wrote Alexander Theoharis. “We think the Mars Curiosity rover has the chance to really inspire people to become excited about space, science, and engineering, and so we made this video as a fun, lighthearted, and easily-sharable way to support what NASA is doing and help others get excited about it too.”

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  1. Where were you when Curiosity landed on Mars?

    What I would like to know: where was the bloody BBC TV News when Curiosity landed on Mars? There was no mention of it that morning on their news channel; they were totally obsessed with the bloody Olympics!

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