Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Lander

Article written: 6 Aug , 2012
Updated: 6 Jan , 2016

Watch now!!!

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  1. Patrick Meninga says

    You people are amazing, I am excited for all of you, but I am going to sleep. Have fun watching the landing, I hope you find some cool stuff! Looks like a cool landing party….Fraser you are a great host, a natural at it.

  2. Richard Kitchings says

    Where do the cables go?
    The SkyCrane flies away and meets the surface at a safe distance, but where do the cables go? Will Opportunity just drive over them like the hoses at the gas station?

  3. kkt says

    Woohoo! Yay JPL and NASA!

  4. Mike Bailey says

    Woo Hoo!!! WTG!!!

  5. enceladus obvious says

    Its amazing!!!

  6. newSteveZodiac says

    fan ****** tastic! Woke up this morning in the UK, nothing but olympic news on the radio (good though that is) rushed to my PC and whooped when I saw the feeds. What an amazing feat of engineering and what a great boost to planetary exploration.

  7. mark o grady says

    What a night !!!!!!!!!!!!

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