Poll: Obama Better Than Romney at Defending Earth from Alien Attack

Not quite sure this is really relevant or at all scientific, but nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama would be better than Republican rival Mitt Romney in dealing with an alien invasion, according to a poll done by the National Geographic Channel. Surely, this is in response to the claim that Obama was teleported to Mars as a youth to meet and greet the Martians living there.

In addition, disappointingly, 36% of Americans believe UFOs exist, and 11% claim they have actually seen one, and 20% said they know someone who has seen one, the poll also determined.

In May, the NGC contacted 1,114 adults across the United States to conduct an opinion poll for its new documentary series “Chasing UFOs.” The show premiers Friday with Texas and Colorado residents describing their encounters with mysterious flying objects. Hopefully there will be some science and reality behind this new series. The Houston Chronicle says the new series is a lot like the show “Finding Bigfoot,” and is by the same producers.


Lead image caption: Artist concept of a UFO. Photo: Getty Images, via The Telegraph.

Source: Yahoo News

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  1. I have seen UNIDENTIFIED objects in the sky. That does not mean visitors form another planet, time or dimension

  2. Indeed. I’m tired of having UFO conflated with “extraterrestrial spacecraft piloted by intelligent aliens”. What’s not to “believe” about flying objects that are unidentified? Quit using lazy shorthand. Groan right back at you.

    1. And I would add, take the time to explain:
      Does UFO mean to you:

      Unidentified Flying Objects?
      Alien Space Crafts?

      It’s called CLARIFICATION!

  3. I presume if there was a poll as to whether Mitt or Obama would best negotiate the second coming of Jesus that Mitt might win. Of course that assumes the evangelical and fundamentalist Christians give Mitt some slack for being Mormon.

  4. [D]isappointingly, 36% of Americans believe UFOs exist, and 11% claim they have actually seen one, and 20% said they know someone who has seen one, the poll also determined.

    Click Here (Hint: Click on the red button there).

    1. Apologies that I can’t cite the source right now, but a while ago I came across a compilation of studies that stated there is a “Lunatic Fringe” planet-wide, ~20-25% of the population, that will believe in ANYTHING that is told to them in a convincing manner and without evidence. ie: ghosts, horoscopes, religions/deities, alien visitors, etc.

      I’d say this poll is right in there.

      Aside from that, why is this site even acknowledging idiotic polls and shows like this?!

      I was hoping the recent lull away from such foolishness and political and/or agenda motivated articles was an indicator of more focus on what we’re all here for.

      There should be a chart at the top of UT, similar to an industry’s “days without an accident” sign: “Days Without Fodder Articles”

      1. At the time of writing this, it appears that 4 people didn’t like the link to the cartoon that I had posted. Well, if the cap fits…

  5. What’s so strange about unidentified flying objects? We haven’t ‘identified’ many things – not just ‘flying’ objects. Groan…….

  6. Below is an excerpt from the National Geographic Press Room – National Geographic Society Mission statement:

    “The Society’s unending commitment to integrity, accuracy and excellence
    has positioned “National Geographic” as a benchmark brand and a leader
    in publishing, photography, cartography, television, research and

    What I don’t understand is why on Earth is National Geographic involved in perpetuating myths, legends and hearsay about UFO’s and other such non-scientific nonsense – programming of this nature can’t be imparting any integrity! I think it’s just latching on to subjects like this because they are “popular”. If they did less of this type of programming then more real science could be done and so they would be upholding their mission statement better!

  7. Anthropocentric, a word that is right up there with numinous to describe the many ways we mislead ourselves and our fellows.

  8. Although I have always known of ‘unidentified’ objects, flying and otherwise, I thought they were all easily explained if we had a chance. Last summer, on a warm sunny day, my wife and I watched a light in the sky over our mountain home, doing acrobatics that no man-made object could. It was a very bright white light, zig zagging at impossible speeds, at an altitude which was at least higher than the peak above us. Around 800 feet. I have no clue what it was, but would love to find out, and I don’t think it is easily explained.

    1. Now I’m not saying this is what you saw. But I saw similar and actually took the time to follow it: REMOTE CHOPPER with LED’s on it. There are a lot of “geeks” out there with super souped up RC’s now, and I do mean totally decked out and able to do stunts, well that only an RC could do.

  9. disappointingly, 36% of Americans believe UFOs exist

    Is that really strange, 40% of Americans believe that the earth is 6000 years old

    1. I doubt that. There are lots of Christians who believe the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old, that evolution is real, and that humans are screwing up the climate.

  10. Fact: 75% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

    Including this one, which means it’s true. 😉

  11. So 11% of America – or, approximately 35 million people – claim to have
    seen a ufo… That “have actually seen”, not just believe in.

    I’m impressed that you, as a single individual, have better insight into
    the direct, perceptual experience of 35 million Americans than they do
    themselves. With that type of intelligence, I’d say it’s
    disappointing that you don’t have better job.

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  12. No surprise. A large amount of people (extreme far left and far right it seems) believe that the US government where responsible for 9/11. People love this crap and don’t bother to actually research into it.
    NASA can’t even mention the idea of life on other planets without the ignorant assuming their tax money is going to UFO chasers.

  13. Either they do exist or they do not. If they do, then either they are visiting us or they are not. If they are, then there must be some way to achieve FTL. Otherwise, tine and energy requirements rule them out a priori.

    One or the other!

    1. Exactly … so first. Unless one is able to provide solid evidence that this “AIR CRAFT” is capable of FTL … (let alone, I am totally surprised at how many people have Superman’s X-Ray vision and know who/what is in control of the interior of the craft) ..

    2. “If they are, then there must be some way to achieve FTL”
      That’s not mandatory.
      – Alien life could last much longer than ours, centuries or millenia, who knows? So what would be a too long time for us, would be acceptable for them istead.
      – And they could travel and arrive here in cryostasis – or with any other kind of life suspension techology – so the lenght of the travel doesn’t matter for the alien expedition members too.
      – Also they could be a post-biological “life” form, and don’t care for a multy-century long travel again.
      – And what if their star isn’t so far from the Sun, istead? Although it might seem unlikely, we don’t know and we can’t rule out that as 100% sure.
      Told so, I believe only on evidences and I still have to see one. So simply I don’t know what the answer is.The truth is we can do speculations only, for now. It we were sure, there wasn’t any need to “believe” or to discuss.

    1. No .. did you not read the tabloid? Obama is a “Reptilian Alien Life Form”. But then so was G.W. Bush. Bill Clinton, etc .. etc .. Seems ever Political Leader is an Alien sent to …. well I’m not even sure what they are sent to do!!! 😉

  14. I’ve seen several “UFO’s” (UN-identified Flying Objects) – Some I was able to shortly put an ID to – airplains – Blimps and such.

    Some I have not been able to ID. So they remain UFO’s in my book. But UFO does not equate to “Alien” and such.

    They are exactly what the 3 letters mean UN-identified. I’m old enough to remember when the STEALTH BOMBER was a UFO and some “experts” were sure it was “alien” because “they knew”, “we did not have this kind of technololgy”. (But we did. It was just TOP SECRET.) IT was also not harvested from backwards enegeneering – it was done with HARD WORK and PUSHING technology and science.

    (Funny how that works.)

    Yes UFO’s exist. Sorry they do.

    But it does NOT equate to “Alien” it simply means something thing seen flying that WE DO/DID *NOT* know what it was.

    Today I feel we have to clearify to the the people taking that test/poll:

    …… Does UFO mean: Simply you did not know what it was flying?
    …… Does UFO mean: Alien’s from space?

    Here is the thing – 95+ percent of ALL UFO’s are seen in …. AIR SPACE …. and they are NEVER seen (tracked) going into Outer Space. So the UFO seen, has to be classified (until further evidence is given) as an AIR CRAFT! 🙂

  15. Who the hell with educated head would think that UFOs exist? Seriously?

    Do they possibly think aliens would come to us? They probably can talk with bacterias anyway

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