SpaceDev Wins Its Largest Satellite Contract

Image credit: SpaceDev
SpaceDev (OTCBB: SPDV) announced that it has been awarded a five-year $43 million cost-plus-fixed fee indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to conduct a micro satellite distributed sensing experiment, an option for a laser communications experiment, and other micro satellite studies and experiments as required in support of the Advanced System Deputate. The first of four phases is expected to be completed this year and will result in detailed mission and microsat designs. The milestone-based, multiyear, multiphase contract has an effective start date of March 1, 2004.

?This contract is our largest award to-date, and the successful completion of each contract phase would result in significantly accelerated growth in sales and revenues for us over the next few years,? said SpaceDev founding chairman and chief executive, Jim Benson. ?This award is the result of working collaboratively with the MDA team for two years, and our successful and revolutionary Internet-based CHIPSat microsatellite launched in January 2003.

SpaceDev?s new high precision microsats for MDA will build on and improve proprietary SpaceDev-developed CHIPSat technology, such as SpaceDev?s high performance, Miniature Flight Computer?, SpaceDev?s general purpose Micro Space Vehicle Operating System?, SpaceDev?s Internet-based Mission Control and Operations Software? that permits SpaceDev satellites to be controlled from anywhere in the world from a laptop computer. For the new low earth orbit MDA satellites, SpaceDev will increase pointing and tracking precision, increase the processing power of its flight computer to achieve more difficult real-time problem solving on-orbit, add autonomous satellite commissioning, and will introduce other innovative techniques and technologies.

?The SpaceDev engineering team continues its transformational thinking by developing and delivering fast turnaround, high performance, responsive space systems at affordable prices,? said Benson. ?With CHIPSat, our hybrid-based Streaker? small launch vehicle under development for the Air Force, and our hybrid rocket motors for safe government and private sector human space flight, we feel that SpaceDev is in a position to achieve more firsts in space technology and operations. We believe that SpaceDev is becoming a global leader for responsive and innovative small satellites and hybrid rocket propulsion systems.?

Original Source: Spacedev News Release