What Does Space Look Like From Space?

Pretty impressive, I’d say!

This video is a compilation of different time-lapses taken from the ISS over the past several months, edited by Alex Rivest and shared on Vimeo. It shows just how incredible the stars can appear from the night side of our planet… and 240 miles up!

Alex described the video on his Vimeo post:

“Timelapse videos depicting the stars from low earth orbit, as viewed from the International Space Station. Images edited using Adobe Lightroom with some cropping to make the stars the focal point of each shot, and with manipulation of the contrast to bring out the stars a bit more.”

Alex suggests, “The video plays best if you let it load a bit first.” (And I’d also advise full-screen!)

According to ISS astronaut Ron Garan, who also shared Alex’s compilation on his Google+ page, most of the images were taken by NASA astronaut Ron Pettit, currently on Expedition 30 aboard the ISS.

“Dedicated to those who dream of exploring the solar system, and those who are sharing their experiences while doing it,” Alex added.

Timelapses and images courtesy The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. The Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Music: “Truck Out There” by London PM.
Editing by Alex Rivest.

See more of Alex’s photography on his website here.

10 Replies to “What Does Space Look Like From Space?”

  1. More like this! A must see for sure! This must be slowed down and made into a screen saver! If we could get one from the top off ISS showing more outerspace that would be the bomb! If this don’t get you interested then you havn’t ever looked up and wondered!
    Sweet! Awsum! Kewl! Best thing I’ve seen all year!
    Now I’m off to looky looky at the links. Thanks Guys and Guyettes!

  2. Wow, cool. I wonder, how long of an exposure can you take before the stars start trailing?

  3. at 3:00 on the right hand side of the screen you can see (thus far to me) two UFO’s screaming across left to right high above the earth atmostphere at a similar elevation as the ISS, I hazard to guess that they’re space junk or other satellelites? anyone else see it?

    1. I do see it. It actually looks like there are three, but the third fades out first. Am I wrong? Going full screen helps

      1. Yeah I can see that too. I’d guess they’re satellites reflecting sunlight, and the one fades out because it’s rotating away from that reflective angle (relative to the observer)

        If we knew the precise time of that piece of footage, we could work out what they might be…

  4. Tony. You said it all for me! I feel so chilled out and awe struck from having just watched.

  5. The stars were beautiful but I was more impressed with the lights on earth around the globe. How could anyone seeing all that light not conclude that man can and is influencing climate ariund the world.

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