Astrophoto: Planets at Dusk at Trusk by Brendan Alexander


Oh my! What a gorgeous combination of planetary conjunctions and a beautiful landscape! Brendan Alexander (@DonegelSkies) posted this image on our Flickr page, making all our jaws drop at Universe Today. The image wasy taken on March 4, 2012. “When I arrived at Trusk Lough, Ballybofey County, Donegal (Ireland) to try and get a shot of this stunning alignment, a cloud was blocking my view of Mercury,” Brendan wrote on Flickr. “I did manage to get a few shots of all three planets just before Mercury dipped below the horizon.”

Image Details:
Time & Date: 19:30 4th Mar 2012
Equipment: Canon 1000D and Sigma 20mm F1.8 lens
Exposure: 8sec, ISO 200, F1.8 with in camera noise reduction

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