Astronomy Cast – Episode 247: The Ages of Things

Article written: 9 Jan , 2012
Updated: 28 Dec , 2015

This is going to be one of the “how we know what we know” kind of shows. How do scientist determine the age of things? How do we know the age of everything from stone tools, to the age of the Earth, to the age of the very Universe.

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7 Responses

  1. David Hutchinson says

    Are you still going to publish them at as mp3s? That is my preferred way of listening.

    • TerryG says

      Was wondering about that too. There’s a lot to be said bandwidth-wise for keeping it simple.

      • Member
        Anonymous says

        Don’t worry — Astronomy Cast as a podcast is still very alive and well! The audio versions will be available soon, and they are currently being edited.

      • TerryG says

        Thank you.

        If I could send you all a geeky gift along the lines of this episode, it would look something like this (not an advertisement)


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  3. The video does not play. Can you please rectify.

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