Strange Stuff in Space: Astronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2011

This is an impromptu episode of Astronomy Cast that was recorded during Dragon*Con 2011. Pamela was scheduled to speak with a panel about strange things in space, but she ended up being the only person there. So Fraser jumped in, and this was what we did. We mostly talked about unusual things in the Solar System, but a few things in the rest of the Universe. Presented raw for your amusement.

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‚ÄúStrange Stuff in Space: Astronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2011″ on the Astronomy Cast website.

3 Replies to “Strange Stuff in Space: Astronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2011”

  1. Yasssss! Thanks so much for this WAY double extra groovy cool podcast! I liked the audience participation with their amazingly well informed questions! Proving to me anyway… that there IS intelligent life on our planet after all! (Sometimes I wonder?) Of course the ‘setting’ was a big factor there, which speaks volumes and intensifies my interest in ‘Dragon Con’! (Note to self: Look into this!)

    It’s ALWAYS ‘trick’ hearing how well you two groove together in your discussions! I like intelligent discourse and always learn something from you… which is why I frequent Universe Today! Keep up the great work(s) and know that you are appreciated in you efforts! Thanks again!

    P.S. Last Saturday (Oct. 15th) I participated in a protest march with the local version of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ we called ‘Occupy Santa Rosa’. Somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000(?) participants were there in a city of 125K! I am mentioning this to you because I have to note that this crowd also appeared to be a cut above the average or ‘street level’… and had intelligent things to say! I will inject the need to support science in our next meeting!

    We ARE the 99%!
    What are your feelings about this? An inquisitive mind wants to know…

    1. Yikes! My enthusiasm ‘leaks’ over with far too many exclamation points.. an excitable boy?

  2. Hi, … ‘ I ‘ am an ” old-timer ” from way back when MSN had ” groups ” and was driving group managers insane with never ending trial computer configurations.
    ” I ” still love the universe group, … excellent stuff, … often linking to Dragon*Con stuff which is quite interesting too, … however with all the new ” ISP providers” do not have any confidence in the newer formats like face-book, … or even the security of United States or Canadian ISP providers right now, … as to the rest, … not a chance at all.
    ” Keep up on bringing great stuff “, … ” I ” really get a good chuckle seeing the Dragon*Con dragon out there somewhere cruising around The Universe.
    Thankee Kindly, … Merry Meet, … Til’ we meet again, …

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