365 Days of Astronomy Now More Than 1,000 Days

September 27 2011 was the 1,000th day since the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast was instituted on 1 January 2009, the International Year of Astronomy – and due to a puzzling publishing hiccup the 1,000th episode played on September 28 2011.

This unique citizen scientist project will hopefully stumble on through to the end of 2011, but if anyone wants to see it have a life after that your support and contributions are needed today – and every day after that.

2 Replies to “365 Days of Astronomy Now More Than 1,000 Days”

  1. One of my favorite podcast.. other than Frazier and Dr. Pamela Gay’s ‘Astronomy Cast’… I will continue to listen in and will gladly contribute as soon as I can! Economic delirium aside…. which is why I’m here instead of working… dzzzzz.

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