45 Years Ago Today, Star Trek Beamed Into Our Lives

I’ve got a poster that says, “All I Needed to Know About Life, I Learned from Star Trek.” Why? Because it’s true. We all know we need to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to always keep your phaser on stun. Oh, and always follow the Prime Directive, too.

It was 45 years ago today that the first Star Trek original series show premiered on television. To celebrate, I’m NOT wearing a red shirt, and I’ll share videos of the intro from the original series, above, and below, a blooper reel from the 1960’s. It’s sure to make any Trekkie smile.

And here’s a cool post from NASA about the science of Star Trek, and how some of the sci-fi stuff from the 1960’s are realities today.

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    1. The telepathic doors of today’s Vid-Screen world (Babylon 5 has great examples) had not matured at that period of time, Peter, they existed only in the minds of the creative designers, the set handlers and such.

      The first instance of sentient behavior from the common entry portal is dated to the flapping in the wind of a tepee entrance at a timely moment. When stones rolled and rocked from their intended point of nightly protection at the forefront of a cave it was credited to a lumbering of the ground, shocked waves if you would, but well grounded folks knew it was due to these stones having intelligence, a different intelligence to be sure –a seeming desire to dance, just not to the beat of any old drummer though; the time was rife with watts and densmore.

      Indeed, the simple times of the rollicking door, err, the rebellious door, I mean the revolving door points to the future all around us today in the form of almost all of our more modern portals such as the turnstile turncoat, the petrified plastic air drape, the double door dumble tumble found in the wilds of the malls in the jersey shores.

      Mary -I could go on and on-

  1. I used to watch ST as a kid, but it somehow disappeared from TV.

    Because it’s always Star Trek, I’m gonna whore Babylon 5, yeah, watch Babylon 5.

  2. OHHhh…..To stroll the streets of time, and walk the alleys, and byways of memory! To remember a time when we thought that the future would be better then the past! When we thought that the end of the Cold War would bring peace on Earth, at last. When we thought that the Conquest of space was just around the corner. When we thought that each generation would know a better life, then the one that came before. When we thought that Time was a river that flowed from the Dark Past, through the Magic of the Now, into the Sublime Glory of WHAT COULD BE!
    What a falling off, there was! What a most foul, and unnatural, shock to find our dreams of the future had been highjacked to serve the selfish desires, and lusts, of a dark, and evil cabal! I can speak no more…, I’m going to pour me another drink, and try once again to forget what could have been. It would have been GLORIOUS !!

    1. I was a avid ST fan(still am) and I firmly believe the best is yet to come, we are on the cusp of a new era,What I loved most about the show was the idea that people were surrounded by tech but were not servants to it. We can choose the future, it may be a little different than we imagined,electric cars instead of flying ones,Bloom Boxes or wind and solar but we can make a future of our choosing for our grandchildren and ourselves.Keep an open mind and heart,never give up.

  3. Ahm – thats not the original, in the original the text is in an ocher-yellow, not light blue, and does not mention of Dr. Macoy
    (no digs about age showing please)
    I have watched some of the toys of sci-fi come in, i still cant get over how my android is my own personal star trek communicator, Keep dreaming people, it makes the future great 🙂

  4. I’ve still got the poster on my wall in engineering – hard to believe its been 45 years – I must be in some sort of time warp!!

  5. I still have the poster hanging on my wall in engineering – hard to believe it’s been 45 years – I must be in some kind of time warp!!

  6. thank you, nancy! i have been – and shall always be – a trekkie. i delight in watching re-runs and the movies… and will even pay attention to programs that feature the original cast. while i can’t say that “star trek” influenced my life, it has certainly been a part of it. and what an age wake-up call to realize that 45 years have passed so quickly! indeed we have lived long and prospered…

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