NASA – Eyes On The Solar System

Are you ready for a fascinating virtual experience? Then check out “Eyes on the Solar System”! This clever compilation of visualizations and real images takes you on a journey that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours!

If you’ve had the chance to use high dollar astronomy software, you’ll appreciate this free program. Inside is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data which lets you explore the cosmos from the comfort of your computer. You can choose exploring an asteroid, scouring around a planet or taking a look at Earth from above. Fly with NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft or join Cassini. You can even see the entire solar system moving in real time! Just check out a very small part of the features in this introductory video…

There’s so much more there, too. Imagine the possibilities of Kepler, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Spitzer Space Telescope! Move forward and backward in time… You’re in command of this space journey! According to the developers, the awesome modeling team is currently working on a number of spacecraft models. In the near future, expect to see finished models of Phoenix (cruise), Mars Exploration Rovers (cruise), Mars Science Laboratory (cruise), Mars Odyssey, and Mars Express. There are many spacecraft in the pipeline, so be patient!

While NASA’s “Eyes on the Solar System” is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, the partially Java-scripted format has a certain dependence on what browser is used. Firefox is recommended for smoothest operation, but it also works with IE and Safari. (I personally use Opera and encountered no problems – but avoid Chrome.) Other than that? Grab and comfy seat and take flight!

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  1. Yo Tammy, at the second paragraph, in the second sentence, “let’s” is a contraction of
    “let us”; it should be lets in that context.

    Also, in the third paragraph, it should be currently in the fourth line: “[…], the awesome modeling team is current working on a number of spacecraft models.”

  2. This program doesn’t seem to work on older computers as it is basically unusable on my PC, which is an IBM ThinkCentre. While I get moving graphics, in most cases words are bolded and illegible, and smeared together. I use Firefox and every other program I have works except this one. At least I can view the tutorials. Hope you have better luck using it.

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