Stunning New Timelapse: Tempest Milky Way

Article written: 23 Aug , 2011
Updated: 8 Apr , 2018

It’s been a summer of storms across the US, and timelapse photographer Randy Halverson has taken advantage of it! Randy alerted us that he’s just put out a new video following his incredible Plains Milky Way timelapse from earlier this year. His new one is “Tempest Milky Way” which features the storms and skies of the Midwest US. Randy said he wanted to combine “good storm and star shots,” but that the opportunity doesn’t come along very often. “The storm has to be moving the right speed and the lightning can overexpose the long exposures.” But Randy’s photography and editing prowess shines in “Tempest Milky Way.”

A few things to watch: Look for a Whitetail buck (briefly) at the 1:57 mark (“It was caught on 20 frames, and was there for about 10 minutes. It was only 50 yards from the camera, dolly and light,” Randy said.)

At about 2:28 an airplane flies under the oncoming storm.

At the 3:24 mark, a meteor reflects on the water of the small lake. Look for many other meteors in the timelapse, too.

This is a wonderful video, augmented with great music, not to be missed!

See more at Randy’s website DakotaLapse

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says

    I tip my hat to you Sir, Absolutely stunning!
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Chelly Pazdan says

    That was totally stunning and beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you for your time, it was incredible.

  3. Russell Jelks says

    A few times I saw immobile points of light in the sky. Geosynchronous satellites?

  4. was the original inspiration for me to get into time lapse photography. I’ve only just started with night sky work and can only hope to create such great pieces of work.

    Living in an area with less light pollution helps i bet.

  5. Randy, thanks again for a stunning experience, which shows the movement of the earth versus the center of our galaxy so nicely… love it.

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