Astrophoto: Moon Occults Triple Star System Pi Sagitaurii by Efrain Morales Rivera


On August 10, the Moon passed in front of the triple star system, Pi Sagitaurii star system. The even was captured by Efrain Morales Rivera from the Jaicoa Observatory in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. “An interesting event, capturing this triple star system being occulted by the Moon and 1 hour and 26 minutes later re-appearing on the bright side of the moon,” Rivera wrote to tell us.

He even created an animation of the stars “winking out,” as seen below.

Closeup animation of Moon occulting the Pi Sagitaurii star system, Credit: Efrain Morales Rivera, Jaicoa Observatory

See more images from Rivera at the Jaicoa Observatory website.

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2 Replies to “Astrophoto: Moon Occults Triple Star System Pi Sagitaurii by Efrain Morales Rivera”

  1. Oh noooo, an alignment! We are all doomed! LOL

    I definitely want to go out tomorrow night because the last few weeks I did not have clear skys and I plan to see the comet! And I want to test my UHC filter, and I want to see the moon!

  2. Watched the occultation with local Astronomy Club. The star just vanished instantaeously. I guess the human eye couldn’t detect the subtle progressive dimming as each component of Pi Sagitaurii passed behind the Moon. Still a great sight!

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