“Killer” Asteroid will Miss

Additional observations from astronomers have decreased the likelihood to virtually zero that Asteroid 2003 qq47 will strike the Earth in 2014. The asteroid was first discovered on August 24 by the LINEAR observatory and astronomers put its odds at 1 in 909,000 at 2003qq47 hitting the Earth, but the additional observations on Monday night extended those odds to 1 in 2.2 million, which is below the background risk of asteroid strikes on any given year. If the 1.3 km asteroid were to strike the Earth, it would cause immense damage on a continental scale… but it won’t.

5 Replies to ““Killer” Asteroid will Miss”

  1. i say hit it with one of the extra nukes we have laying around… in the name of science. it would provide valuable information on the subject of asteroid deflection, and experience, which may prove valuable in the event that we might need to do this, without screwing up. hell, throw in a few extra nukes just for good measure, or at least make it a really big bomb.

  2. striking it with a nuke, practically would be a disaster because forst of all, the speed of its movement will make calculartions hard to do and secondly, IF we get lucky, then we’ll have millions of radioactive pieces scattered around the globe. Then our condition’s going to be similar to those of the people affected by hiroshima and nagasaki.
    I’d rather live fast, die pretty.

  3. Technically, It won’t hit Atall, Even if it does hit? Theres a probaility your in the Southern Hemisphere?

  4. There are asteroids that are not discovered yet, who’s to say that one is on collision course as we speak. asteroids seem to be very hard track or to find.
    it would seem that some of these asteroids are discovered after they have passed.
    As for nuking them and deflecting them into different orbit is taking a real gamble.
    But who am I, just a mere human living on planet with huge objects flying by every day.

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