The Last Space Shuttle’s Return in 3-D


We shared an image yesterday of an amazing view of Atlantis on its way home taken by the Expedition 28 crew of the space station. 3-D-ifier Nathanial Burton Bradford has now given a new perspective to this image, making a 3-D image, best seen with red/cyan glasses. Amazingly, in this view the contrail left by the shuttle as is travels through Earth’s atmosphere even *looks* far away, how it must have looked to the ISS crew.

Also, Nathanial created a 3-D version of Atlantis’ final launch, below:

Launch of Atlantis's final mission, STS-135. Credit: NASA. 3-D by Nathanial Burton-Bradford.

Thanks to Nathanial Burton-Bradford for sharing his images. See more on his Flickr page, including Atlantis in orbit and a view from the space station.