Watch Final Shuttle Landing Live

Live video for mobile from Ustream

At this writing, Space shuttle Atlantis’ payload bay doors are closed and everything continues to proceed on schedule for landing.

Click the “play” button to watch NASA TV live right now.

A special landing broadcast is set to begin on Thursday July 21 at 5am EDT/2am PDT/09:00 UTC on the NASA Channel, with landing scheduled at 5:56 EDT/2:56 PDT/09:56 UTC.

This is it, folks.

6 Replies to “Watch Final Shuttle Landing Live”

  1. I hope the next manned space system (whatever it will be) will carry on-board live streaming cameras during landing. NASA TV’s coverage of shuttle landings is a little… uninspiring.

  2. Whew!

    First time watching a shuttle land. Glad it was the last one. Momentous occasion.

  3. My favorite moment (apart from the safe landing) was the response from Atlantis’ commander when Mission Control was stumbling over the word “imagining”…
    His reply was something like “Easy for you to say!” Droll, very droll LOL!

    My family watched and I was weeping :0)

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