Where In The Universe Challenge #150

Article written: 14 Jul , 2011
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

It’s time for another Where In The Universe Challenge! Name where in the Universe this image was taken and give yourself extra points if you can name the telescope or spacecraft responsible for the image. Post your guesses in the comments section, and check back on later at this same post to find the answer. To make this challenge fun for everyone, please don’t include links or extensive explanations with your answer. Good luck!

And you can now find the answer to the previous WITU Challenge back at the original post.

UPDATE: The answer is now posted below!

This image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in December 2004, and it provides a detailed look at the tattered remains of a supernova explosion known as Cassiopeia A (Cas A). It is the youngest known remnant from a supernova explosion in the Milky Way. The image is a composite made from 18 separate images using Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). See this link on the HubbleSite for more info.

9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says

    This looks like Cassiopeia A imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope (WFPC2 BRI composite).

  2. Charlie Ana Baltimore says

    cas A by hubble

  3. Arend van Werven says

    V838 Mon

  4. Arend van Werven says

    V838 Mon

  5. V838 Mon is my vote also

  6. Rajat Sahu says

    Cassiopeia A by hubble.

  7. Anonymous says

    Cassiopeia A it is.

  8. juraj patekar says

    Cass A

  9. Auke Slotegraaf says

    Cas A for sure; I think it was a 2006 HST image.

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