Ways the World Will End

Yes, the world will end someday, but probably not in your lifetime. Just had to post this video “mashup” from our friend Phil Plait’s Discovery Channel series “Bad Universe” put together with the soundtrack from George Hrab’s album “Trebuchet.”

8 Replies to “Ways the World Will End”

  1. Very nice video, but the music is too loud, it makes it extremely annoying to listen to. Otherwise, I like it 🙂

  2. I would feel a lot better if the Lotto odds were not much slimmer than for these events—and yet almost every week, someone wins a Lotto!

    1. But those are the chances of this happening during our lifetime. So you could compare this to _one_ person playing lottery every _70_ or so years. What are the chances of winning then?

  3. OMG turn that music down I can barely here the narration! Nice effects though.

  4. Letz C…..

    1 chance in 14 million factored by 9 billion people each with a 1 in 14 million chance, further factored by,hmm…….

    Yup, better chance than winning the lottery! Go fer it

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