Zoom into the Epic Images of Endeavour Docked to the ISS

Credit: NASA

Are you enjoying the historic images of space shuttle Endeavour docked to the ISS? Here’s a wonderful new way to experience them. John Williams of Terrazoom and StarryCritters has created an amazing “zoomable” slide show of these images, which allows viewers to quickly zoom into whatever part of the picture you want to see close up. Want to take a good look at Endeavour’s heat tiles or examine a module of the ISS? Just choose a picture and slide the scale (between the plus and minus sign) at the bottom of the application to zoom in.

Thanks to John for sharing his “Zoomify” technology with Universe Today!

See the slideshow on Terrazoom for the option for a full screen version.

ESA has also put out a “behind the scenes” article about what it took for Paolo Nespoli to take these images.

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    1. If you’re talking about the small brighter smudges near/on the starboard-side landing gear door, those are dents in the heat shield from debris during ascent that was inspected earlier in the mission.

  1. Russian Soyuz. They undocked it from ISS to make those pictures. They also rotated entire ISS to get different angles. Look for complete story and more pictures in older articles.

    PS. It’s meant to be a reply to davidjackson20. I fail at threading duscussions.

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