Dazzling Timelapse: Canary Skies

Article written: 19 May , 2011
Updated: 18 Jan , 2016

Tenerife, Canary Islands is home to several telescopes and at 2,000 meters above sea level, it claims one of the best skies on the planet. This incredibly stunning timelapse video from astrophotographer Daniel Lopez captures the nocturnal and crepuscular beauty of the island, showing the natural movement of the earth, stars, clouds, Sun and Moon. Lopez worked over a year to capture all possible shades and landscapes, pulling out all the stops by using several different timelapse techniques. Lopez promises more videos are coming, as he says this is the first in a series to capture the beauty of each of the Canary Islands.

Find more information at Lopez’s website, and see more videos at his Vimeo page.

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3 Responses

  1. J. Major says

    Amazing how much the clouds move like ocean waves on a beach. It really is a sea of air we live in!

  2. Raymond Gilbert says

    Fantastic! The “Green Flash” as the Sun set was terrific as was the
    ‘moon bow” a few monents latter.

  3. Honestly I prefer the one from TSO photography:

    I am not saying that this one is bad, just that it has been done before in a better way. No offense intended anyhow.

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