Everyday Astronauts


What do astronauts do when they aren’t in space? Commercial photographer Hunter Freeman’s images all seem to have a bit of whimsy included, and his series of suited astronauts doing everyday things us regular humans may find humdrum will bring a smile to your face, guaranteed. Make sure you look for the small, very relevant details! Check out the entire series at this link, and learn more about his work at his website.

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  1. Maybe this series should be titled: “Astronaut Life After the Space Shuttle”! Given the number of astronauts who are bailing out of the program, these photos may reflect the fears that make them reluctant to stick around.

  2. Clear the image shows this is not an American astronaut, cause the water is in litres not gallons. (or is America now turning to SI metric unit on the sly?)

    The other problem is his helmut. In Service Stations for petrol in Australia you have to remove your helmut for security reasons when you go and pay for the fuel. If he or she were actually here, they probably be arrested on the spot!

    Fun photo though!

    (I’d have thought the astronaut would want air or oxygen in liquid form not water. It is more compact and would allow the astronaut to breath.)

    1. Bottled water in the US is routinely sold in 0.5 liter bottles, although it is usually priced higher than 50 cents per 0.5 liter, so this is a good deal! Note also the California license plate.

      1. Gee, Thanks. I didn’t know that.
        Gotta love progressive Americans using the metric system.
        In Australia bottled water for 0.5 litre is around $2.00.
        Spacemen would be advised to go to the US, I suppose, because they would get a much better deal. Makes sense!

  3. It may seem funny at first in these pictures,but this is a SAD moment in our country.
    We the people of the USA,deserve what we get.This is the HOPE and CHANGE we voted for or should I say some folks were bamboozle too beleave…
    I was born at the begining of the Space race,and have been proud of the goals and challenges we overcame in technologies to be number one!
    Now we are heading to the BACK of the pack. Will we ever overcome and learn from history?
    A world without NASA,who would have thought it?

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