Experts Estimate Asteroid Risk

At a NASA-sponsored conference, a group of experts have estimated that the Earth is struck once every 1,000 years by an asteroid capable of releasing 10-megatons of energy – not a planet killer, but definitely enough to cause a terrible loss of life. NASA and the astronomical community has been systematically searching for all Near Earth Objects larger than 1 km across, and capable of crossing the Earth’s orbit. So far they’ve found 600 out of an estimated 1,000.

One Reply to “Experts Estimate Asteroid Risk”

  1. There are more than meets the naked eye. The fact that many asteroids are unseen due to the fact most are not in the lens of the telecope or in line of waves of a radio antenna does not surprise me. space with its vastness has dynamics we are just beginning to understand. So many of our own scientists seem to be either in denial because of their stature or they won’t believe until science has proven otherwise.
    We have just begun to understand the theory of the big bang. But the one theory that goes unanswered is what was before the big bang? several other explosions would have had to happen prior to our big bang.
    After all we came from the that one single bang which had originated from the sun. So in theory our planets are intertwined with its minerals and particles that make up our planet. asteriods will always be a threat.

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