Write Your Name on an Asteroid?

Article written: 18 Jun , 2002

A Japanese spacecraft will give people an opportunity to land their name on an asteroid. Due for launch near the end of this year, the MUSES-C spacecraft will meet up with asteroid 1998 SF36 when it crosses the Earth’s orbit in 2005. It will land on the asteroid, collect samples which it will later return to Earth. As part of its mission, the spacecraft will deposit an aluminium foil sheet containing the names of hundreds of thousands of space enthusiasts. If you want to get your name on board, you have until July 5th.

3 Responses

  1. elmer says

    Umm, when it crosses in 2005?

    Revisionist history or time travel conspiracy?

  2. I did not get your point on this.

  3. TANGLDWEB says

    Yeah,.. when it passes in 2005 ! Maybe you missed the fact that the Article is from 2002. Nothing like Paying Attention,.. now THAT,s a Blast from the Past, Get It.

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