Where In The Universe Challenge #140

It’s time once again for another Where In The Universe Challenge. Name where in the Universe this image was taken and give yourself extra points if you can name the telescope or spacecraft responsible for the image. Post your guesses in the comments section, and check back on later at this same post to find the answer. To make this challenge fun for everyone, please don’t include links or extensive explanations with your answer. Good luck!

UPDATE: The answer has been posted below.

This is the nebula BFS 29 surrounding the star CE-Camelopardalis, as seen by the WISE spacecraft. This nebula can be found hovering in the band of the night sky comprising the Milky Way. “BFS” stands for Blitz, Fich, and Stark — the three astronomers who identified and cataloged this nebula back in 1982. The “29” means that it’s the 29th object in their catalog. Learn more about this image on the WISE website.

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  1. It’s the image of the nebula BFS 29 surrounding the star CE-Camelopardalis, as seen by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE).

  2. Yup as said above, BFS 29 by WISE. Though only the pink star is seen in visible light if I remember right. The rest is behind gas and dust and (by that) need to be seen in infrared, the nebula contains large amounts of ionized hydrogen.

    CE-Camelopardalis in the picture is said to be a Supergiant Star.
    This picture was taken somewhere, in 2009… Don’t know exactly.

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