Astronomy Cast Ep. 215: Light Echoes

An echo of light at V838 Mon

Just as sound can echo off distant objects, light can echo too. And the echoes of light bouncing off stellar remnants, black hole accretion disks, and clouds of gas and dust provide astronomers with another method of probing the distant cosmos.

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Light Echoes shownotes and transcript.

13 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 215: Light Echoes”

  1. HeyUP! Am getting – “Error: 404 Not Found” when I attempt a link to the podcast above..

  2. I sometimes sway a little with the adoption of the rose-coloured glasses too, but it is not necessary to be so flagrantly rude.

    Another issuing of the red card, methinks!

      1. The general anti-science lobby is growing and becoming more dangerous. The more they promote the crazy ideas and all the crazy websites, creating more doubt by suggesting all science is mostly fallible or questionable.
        For some, if you support any kind of science and you become the open target of obscenities and attack.
        IMO UT should perhaps should use the red card more often, not necessarily on bad language but especially on radical untenable “alternative theory.”

      2. I have an alternative theory about that. I suggest that we simply do not react or respond to untoward or unsavory individuals. We must set the example by the wisdom of our words in this room.

      3. I’ve considered that too. The problem is these guys expect to get some kind of airing and they want to get to stuff into the mainstream — appealing to those who know no better. They actively use the nebulous ideas of ‘freedom of speech” as their excuse for getting away with it, then they squeal if they are censored. I’d say let them squeal.
        Making people feel utterly foolish may quell their enthusiasm some what.
        Harmony among these open comment is the ideal, but sadly it will never be quelled unless there is some justifiable moderation against the darkness.

  3. Sadly, the podcast RSS XML feed hasn’t been updated so my podcatching software doesn’t pick it up. Last episode I have is 213 – Supermassive Black Holes.

    Any idea when the feed will be updated?

      1. Wow, it really is like waiting for a bus. 🙂 I have three new Podcasts now, thanks 🙂

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