What A Beautiful Day For A Sunspot


For many of us, this is the first break in the weather we’ve seen for quite some time. Of course, when opportunity knocks, you’ve got to be there to open the door… and today John Chumack took the opportunity to point his Baader solar filter film equipped 10″ SCT and Canon Rebel camera the Sun’s way…

If you’ve had the opportunity to follow solar activity, you’ve seen some major sunspots come and go over the last couple of weeks. Now the next bad boy in line is 1164. Just take a look at its progression in this movie from SDO/HMI. Growing sunspot 1164 has a complex “beta-gamma” magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. Not just an off chance, either… but a 35% chance over the next two days. But that’s not all that’s going on!

According to Spaceweather.com “A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of March 1st. The impact sparked a geomagnetic storm that was, at first, minor, but the storm has been intensifying throughout the day. Spotters are now reporting auroras over Northern Ireland, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden. If trends continue, the display could spread to the high latitudes of North America after nightfall. ”

So how do you see aurora? Like John, you’ve got to be there when opportunity knocks! Be outside around nightfall and keep watch loosely to the north. Aurora can appear like distant search lights, reddish clouds or even ghostly green patches of mist. They appear and disappear… Somtimes you can see stars through them and sometimes the aurora is bright enough to block the starlight. Depending on where the auroral oval is at, you can see them to the north, north-east or north-west. There have even been times when the oval has shifted enough that they appear to the south!

Answer the door… it just might be for you!

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  1. It is possible that satellites orbiting earth will be damaged sometime this year by the sun’s increased activity. Satellites haven’t been orbiting earth for very long, and this could be the worst solar storm year to be recorded in our 50 year history. Get your computer inside a Faraday Shield before it’s too late. better be safe then sorry, is my advice !
    Mr Hologram

    1. Ah! The central PC/EU nutters dream. Isn’t is peculiar that all these guys can’t wait for this to actually happen, just because they believe it will help them further their crazy cause. Yes, these guys are really that transparent!
      Frankly, in one way, I’m really looking forward to such an event if it happens in my lifetime. For once I will not have to read their same old quite ridiculous diatribe for several months!

      1. And by some estimates, up to a decade. We can read real books again! And send letters!

    2. I would also propose to get into your Faraday caged bunker without any wires going outside the bunkers to be safe. Internet would be a No-no because your computer might blow up when the CME passes.

      1. Better watch out Olaf. If you get a Faraday Cage, at least according to some PC/EU’ers. you might have to tie everything down, else gravity might be cancelled out and everything might float around in zero-gravity! (Remember the old totally crazy arguments Anaconda and Oilsmastery, where the allege that gravity is just another form of electromagnetism?)

  2. EM forces dominate over gravity at sizes smaller then sand grains. Gravity waves or graviton particles are theoretical and inferred to exist, and never found despite billions wasted on LIGO. there’s too many dark matter theories for different kinds of particles, mathematically invented by balancing their own equations, to support the big-bang gravity singularity that cannot exist. they don’t even know if black holes are actually white holes, but both must exist, and yet white holes are practically impossible to exist. Yet space is called zero gravity and things are different there then on earth. Dust attracts clumps together in space with a little water, but repels in water on earth. In galaxy clusters, Galaxies account for just 10% of the mass and the IGM 90% of the mass. Huge bubbles of particles larger then the galaxy itself are common around all galaxies. It’s obvious that gravity is an observable phenomena that is actually unreal, and I renounce and reject all of you behind kissers who are bad mouths to rejection of truths such as the 2 billion scale view of the universe is huge empty supercluster voids and cosmic filaments that connect together galaxy clusters into a filamentary structure. THere is a 10 percent obscured zone of avoidance, that is where MOST OF THE MATTER in the Universe is contained! THe 90% sky view has less matter and higher redshifts, then the dusty gas obscurred zone of avoidance, where redshifts cannot be determined! A huge Hypercluster can emit the microwave background everywhere, and fry potential galaxies and stars at higher elevations that are nearer to the polar jets of the hypercluster, making it appear that the universe blew up and galaxies formed later. This is the best model of the universe today, and it is well described on my Holographicgalaxy blog. The hell with the rest of you. I know I have a better model of the universe, then you gravity hunting believers of dark matter.

    1. Blah, blah, blah… Mr Hologram is certainly predictable.
      Now he is even renouncing basic science with his usual untruths and deceptions!
      The only think this fool should renounce is the PC/EU claptrap.
      “The hell with the rest of you.” He says. “I have a better model of the universe” He says. “…behind kissers” he calls us.

      Tammy or Nancy please, just for once, delete this absolute foolishness.
      Really. If this isn’t “personal theory”, then I don’t know what is.
      Also what has this to do with the Sun? It is clearly absolutely irrelevant!
      This very misguided person is turning Universe Today into an absolute joke!

    2. Your out of your depth, sonny! This easily kills your nonsense here…

      “On very large scales, the observed Universe is well approximated by a homogeneous and isotropic Friedmann solution of Einstein’s equations. This is best verified by the isotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The small fluctuations observed in the CMB temperature are fully accounted for by the standard model of structure formation from small initial fluctuations which are generated during an inflationary phase. Nevertheless, these small fluctuations are often used to limit other processes or components which may be present in the early Universe, like e.g. a primordial magnetic field.
      The generation of the magnetic fields observed in galaxies and clusters is still unclear. It has been shown that phase transitions in the early Universe, even if they do generate magnetic fields, have not enough power on large scale to explain the observed large scale coherent fields”

      Adamek, J., et.al. “A large scale coherent magnetic field: interactions with free streaming particles and limits from the CMB.” http://arxiv.org/abs/1102.5235

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